How To Choose The Right Mattress For An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds have proved to be popular and satisfying for people with back pain and sleep problems due to certain medical conditions. But comfort is not achieved simply by having an adjustable bed. Having an adjustable bed matched with an ill fitting mattress is not going to prove very useful. If you are buying cooling products available from highly-rated suppliers and collections, you have to make sure that the mattress you are using is suitable for the adjustable bed and will provide you with the desired comfort. The mattress requirements for adjustable beds do differ from the standard beds. This is because; the mattress has to be highly flexible and malleable so that it can conform to the base adjustments. Here we will look at how the most popular kinds of mattresses perform with the adjustable bed. In the current mattress market, the most popular kinds of mattresses are

  • inner spring mattress
  • memory foam mattress
  • natural latex mattress
  • synthetic latex mattress
  • air mattress
  • water mattress


Inner Spring Mattress With Adjustable Beds

Inner spring mattresses are mattresses that have spring inside the mattress to provide firm support. The springs are covered by foam or other materials to provide comfort. While inner spring mattresses are less expensive than many other types, the longevity of spring mattresses is also often less. The poly foam layer which often covers the mattress will shrink and sag in a few years. If you are buying a base with attached mattress, the replacement costs by itself justify buying foam or latex mattresses. While inner spring mattresses provide firm support to the back, it might not help very much to relieve pressure from stress points.  This is why inner spring mattresses are not greatly recommended with adjustable beds. There are inner spring mattresses which are especially designed for use in adjustable beds. These mattresses will have a firm edge making it easier to get in and out of bed than the foam mattresses.

Foam Mattress With Adjustable Beds

The standard foam mattress can be used with adjustable beds too. The chief advantage of memory foam is its quality to contour with any body shape. The memory foam mattress is made up of many layers of dense foam and the more elastic memory foam. The layers of memory foam provide good comfort to the body. People with back pain or stressful joints will feel relief when using the memory foam mattress as the mattress provides equal support to the whole of the body and does not put pressure on any points. The material can retain its original posture after use and hence it does not form body impressions. The only problem is the mattress becomes quite hot as it traps the heat in.

Air Mattress With Adjustable Beds

Air mattresses are considerably lighter but provide good comfort to the back without putting stress at any point or joint. When you are adding air mattress to your adjustable bed, you have to choose one which can be attached to the base. As the mattress is light, there is the possibility of the mattress moving out of place during movement and elevation adjustments.

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